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One2Vibe natural ingredients

For a lighter energy boost to get through the day or that intense energy you need for a workout. 100% natural and of organic origin.

What makes this product so special is that it is only made with natural ingredients of biological origin. The Guarana extract contains a lot of natural caffeine, this is achieved by a dry spray technique that does not require any chemicals. In the current market, additional synthetic coffeein is often added to the Guarana. The beauty of this natural caffeine is that it does not cause any restless cravings, tingling or crashes. Yebra Mate also supplies natural coffeein, but in this product it is an important element especially because of the healthy nutrients that support good recovery. You can adjust your dosage according to your goal : do you want a light energy boost to get through the day or do you want to start an intensive workout?


  • Contains natural caffeine which prepares you for action 

  • Boosts energy level and performances

  •  Increases focus and motivation 

  • Contains various nutrients that contribute to recovery after a workout

  •  No crashes and restless feelings as with synthetic caffeine

  •  No extra synthetic caffeine added as often on the commercial market


Contains a high dose of natural cafein (47mg per capsule). The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. A varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle are important. Nutritional supplements are not substitutes for proper meals. Seek advice from a medical expert before using this supplement in cases of  medication-usage or illness. Not recommended for children, or in case of pregnancy and lactation. Keep tightly closed when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.

Guarana extract 10%*  (cassava maltodextrin/guarana), Yebra mate*, VegaCapsPlus

* from organic sources


Composition per capsule:

Guarana extract*                           450 mg

(10% natural caffeine) 

Maltodextrin (cassava)                      70%

Guarana                                                   30%

Yebra mate*                                      100 mg

(max. 2 % natural caffeine)

Important:  Contains a high dose of natural caffeine (47 mg per capsule).

For a light energyboost troughout the day 1 capsule. Before intensive workout: 3 or 4 capsules. 1 to 4 capsules on a day (47 to 188 mg natural caffeine a day).



  • Miranda

    2022-01-08 15:48:08

    Voor mij echt een super fijne pre workout! Normaal neem je scoops die ik echt heel vies vind om te nemen. Maar deze supplementen zijn super fijn om te nemen. En je krijgt er echt goede energie van! Super om voor je training te nemen

  • Mandy

    2022-01-10 08:23:39

    Product doet wat het beloofd! Top!

  • Kim

    2022-06-15 22:27:43

    Fijne boost voor het sporten! Ik merk dat ik meer energie heb, waardoor ik mijn training langer vol houd, top!

  • Stephanie

    2021-12-05 13:59:33

    Een hele fijne manier om extra energie te verkrijgen! Een (extra) kopje koffie of pre-workout is niet nodig. Daarvoor in de plaats neem ik 1 of 2 van deze capsules. 1 capsule op een dag wanneer ik mij futloos voel. 2 of 3 capsules om een goede workout neer te kunnen zetten! Echt een aanrader.

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