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Casein night protein contains slow casein proteins to provide your body with proteins at night. Available in 2 pure flavors! High-quality casein proteins (85%) and only 100% natural ingredients.

Milk is heated, skimmed and then split into 2 protein fractions: Part with whey protein and part with casein protein. Through microfiltration of the casein part, casein protein powder is produced. Casein night protein from One2Vibe contains micellar casein. This form of protein is known as slow proteins. These proteins create small lumps in your stomach and provide a time release of protein which is ideal for the night. These proteins are used before sleeping to provide your muscles with these building materials over a period of about 7 hours. Protein night casein supports muscle repair and muscle conservation/muscle building and is ideal for athletes. You can also take this product between training sessions or on a rest day. The casein night protein is also very suitable when you want to lose weight. This kind of protein species suppresses the appetite more than other protein powders and also gives a lower insulin release. Furthermore, Protein night casein from One2Vibe, like the isolate whey protein, contains natural inulin of the cassava to improve the absorption of electrolytes. Again also for this product only pure flavor additives are used. Carefully selected Pure fruit / cocoa beans has been used. Casein night protein contains no synthetic/chemical substances.


  • Contains natural inulin for better absorption in the body 

  • High quality micellar casein, at least 85% 

  • Protein for muscle growth and recovery 

  • Slow release of proteins to provide your muscles with amino acids during the night to protect them from muscle loss

  • Also suitable for high-protein diet/cutting 

  • All natural, free from synthetic and chemical substances. No processed sugars.The product doesn’t contain any (natural) substances from unknown sources also. This product is soy free

  • Ideal protein shake before sleep

  • easily soluble, no lumps in shake


The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. A varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle are important. Nutritional supplements are not substitutes for proper meals. Keep tightly closed when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.

Micellar casein 85% (MILK, LACTOSE), cocoa*, palm sugar*, agave inulin*, emulsifier (sunflower Lecithin)*   

* from organic sources

Mix 1x 30g measure with 200ml milk (or other personal preference).
1-3 servings a day, dependant upon your own protein requirements.

  • Eline

    2022-12-16 12:18:49

    Ik sport altijd in de ochtend en merk verschil wanneer ik de avond of nacht ervoor deze caseïne shake neem. Ook neem ik het op de dag van het sporten i.v.m. hetstel in de nacht. Verder smaakt het idd heel natuurlijk proef geen chemische smaak ofzo, maar een hele subtiele liche smaak. Structuur is wennen, maar dat is bij alle caseine shakes zo. Het helpt mij nog wat meer te verdunnen en gebruik voor mezelf lactose vrije melk. In ieder geval effectief en eindelijk een eerlijk product dat mag gezegd worden!

  • Marcello

    2022-01-29 14:52:02

    Caseine heeft vaak een wat zanderige structuur. Deze caseine is veel beter te pruimen dan die ik had! Aanrader voor de nacht en wie echt spier wil opbouwen.

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