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One2Vibe natural ingredients

Provide your body with proteins after a workout. Available in 3 pure flavors like never tasted before! High-quality whey proteins (90%), only 100% natural ingredients and not as sweet as standard whey’s.

Whey protein is produced when milk is heated, skimmed and then pressed through a filter. The remainder is dried and whey protein powder is produced. Whey protein has the highest biological availability. The body can produce the highest achievable human muscle protein from this kind of protein. One2vibe Isolate Whey protein contains whey protein isolate. This means: A whey protein with a protein percentage of 90%. This form of protein contains less carbohydrates and fats (including less lactose). Isolate whey protein is good to take within an hour after exercise or when getting up in the morning, because this whey protein is quickly absorbed by the body. This way you can quickly meet your body's protein needs which is ideal for athletes. Your muscles need protein after exercise to recover and/or grow again. Protein shakes are also used in a protein diet to lose weight. Isolate whey protein of One2vibe also contains natural inulin from the cassava. The inulin supports a better absorption of the electrolytes. What makes this whey special is that only pure taste additives are used. This means no flavor aromas or natural aromas of which the ingredients are unknown. One2Vibe uses only pure fruit/cocoa beans, these have also been carefully selected. This whey is also unique because it does not contain synthetic/chemical substances.


  • Contains natural inulin for better absorption in the body

  • High quality whey at least 90% protein

  • Fast release protein for muscle growth and recovery

  • Low in sugar and fat

  • Also suitable for high-protein diet / cutting

  • All natural, free from synthetic and chemical substances. No processed sugars.The product doesn’t contain any (natural) substances from unknown sources also. This product is soy free.

  • Ideal shake after a workout


The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. A varied and balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle are important. Nutritional supplements are not substitutes for proper meals. Keep tightly closed when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.

Whey protein isolate 90% (MILK, LACTOSE) with emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), cocoa*, palm sugar*, agave inulin*

* from organic sources

Mix 1x 30g measure with 200ml milk (or other personal preference). 1-3 servings a day, dependant upon your own protein requirements.

  • Melissa

    2022-12-28 19:49:36

    Heerlijke smaak die niet te overheersend is. Ben er erg blij mee!

  • Marcello

    2022-01-29 14:49:43

    Voor mij de beste. Heeft echt spierafbraak voorkomen toen de sportscholen dicht waren. Ik was met dit merk snel weer op niveau. Smaak is ook lekker en de shake is niet zo dik, drinkt makkelijk weg en mengt goed.

  • Jessy

    2021-09-13 10:02:02

    Mijn bestelling was mega snel in huis en daarbij is de chocolade smaak heerlijk

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