About me

I have been working in psychiatry for several years. Within this discipline I saw the power of support when people strive for personal goals. Nevertheless I noticed that giving this support takes a lot of energy mentally, which made me decide to find myself an outlet to create more balance. Strength training, this seems to work well for me. Obviously at the beginning I had to put myself through it and had to search for: what exactly suits me, what do I need and which goals do I want to achieve? I started to deepen myself in exercises that fit me and my progressive goals. During my workouts I can release my stress well. At the same time I started to deepen myself in nutrition. Healthy nutrition provides even more good energy and a mental “vibe” to encourage myself to exercise and perform better. This healthy lifestyle works for me! However I didn’t have time to prepare myself an extensive meal but at the same time I wanted to stick to this nutritional style. I found myself wanting products which products which are easy to prepare and easy to keep as an addition to my daily meals. The search for existing products which are already on the market was my next step. So what did I discover? Those products the way I wanted it didn’t exist. However,  there are similar products which have been supplemented by chemical and synthetic substances from unknown sources and in my opinion it has a very sweet and unpleasant taste. So I thought this can be better! Extra support both mentally and physically, all natural and effective. Already from a young age I learned the positive effects of natural food. From these thoughts, my desire to create different nutritional supplements has began. After a lot of investigation my company “One2vibe” has come into existence: 100% natural food supplements creating that “vibe” which gives you that extra strength to achieving your goals and makes you feel good.